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Adarna Home Health Services Inc., a family-owned business was established in 2004 and has served Northwest and Northeast Indiana...
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The girl from your office is wonderful! She takes good care of me and makes me behave.

Thank you all for doing a great job.


I am so happy with your Adarna staff especially the way they help me set-up my medications. Your personal note card made me feel so good.

All of you at Adarna are keeping up my morale. Thank you for everything.

Phyllis Fitzgerald

To all Adarna Staff –Thank you for all the nice things you do!

Bessie Majewski

I am writing you this letter to tell how much I appreciate the kindness and professionalism of your employee, Nina Barton. My father, Thomas Chintis fell ill at Towne Centre in November, 2010. I live in Bloomington, IN and Nina called to alert me of the serious condition of my dad on 11/24/11 as she had observed him struggling to get to the dining hall. Nina assisted him in doing so and she started and helped supervise my dad with his medications. I was very grateful that she would take sincere interest in Dad’s welfare.

I went to Towne Centre on 11/28/11 to be with dad. Nina was extremely kind to my dad and she treated him like he was her own. I was grateful for her loving attention. She also showed me how to take care of dad – I had limited experience caring for an elderly person who was so down and – as it turned out in his last weeks of life. I feel certain the attention and care Nina showed dad helped ease his anxieties in his last days.

Steve, the Physical Therapist, and Mascot for dad’s baths and getting dressed were all very wonderful to him. Your staff is very impressive.

Tina Haley

Adarna Home Health Care has allowed for our family to have a secure, loving and skilled service. Sam our aide, came in and set everything up so sweetly. Listening to our needs, making our family feel safe and assured. Kathy, our nurse went as far to meet with me in regard to issues not even related to their services and Emil, the Physical Therapist always encourages my mother to continue her physical therapy when she claims she can’t. So many wonderful people have provided us with warmth, encouragement and laughs.

Thank you, Adarna for always bringing your best into our home. We so appreciate you!

Tamara & Doris Herendee

My experience with Adarna Home Health Care Staff has been fantastic! My highest compliments to my aide Sam!! She is caring and gives the best support and help as needed. She encourages and praises, she anticipates my needs before I do! Sam is a great ambassador for Adarna and she cares like family!

Katrina my nurse has been a joy to get to know. She too, goes beyond ones expectations. Kat listens, she asks questions probing versus discussing and brushing off my concerns. Again, as with Sam, she makes me feel like family, not just a job to do.

Finally, of all the staff, my experience with Emil, my Physical Therapist. He is absolutely the greatest! Emil does not push, he motivates, he observes what motivates his patients and works with that. For example, he challenged me and proved I could do it in spite of myself! He is personable, caring, friendly and giving! Highest praises for Emil! He made what seemed impossible, possible!!

B.J. Smith

I would like to thank the staff at Adarna Home Health Care for the amazing care that they gave me. Nurse Diana is very caring in doing her job. I would send everyone that needs the service. Thank you, again, Nurse Diane for a job well done!

Darrick Myricks

I have been a patient of Adarna Home Health Care for many years. My experience has been a wonderful one taking advantage of Nurse and Aide Services, Along with Physical and Occupational Therapy by a great field staff! Thank you for taking such good care of me..

Mr. John, Kennedy
Merrillville, Indiana

I am very happy I chose “Adarna” for my home Physical Therapy. Steven, my therapist, Cheryl, my nurse, and Bonnie my aide have been very friendly and comfortable to work with. They are all very caring, kind, compassionate, and professional. Steven is helping me a lot with my therapy and I appreciate him so much, as well as Bonnie and Cheryl. They are an asset to Adarna. I highly recommend Adarna for physical therapy. It is a great facility and they take excellent care of their patients.

Despina Nina Kyres